Nine Eagles 220A RC Helicopter

Written by Administrator on 10th Apr, 2014.

Honestly, we flew this 220A Free Spirit and loved it so much! The stability is off the scale, we actually open one box and place the heli and transmitter right next Jacky's desk and played it all the time. the Nine Eagles 220A Free Spirit is specially built for beginners,it is the perfect choice for people who have experience on Co-Axial helis and wants a bit more challenging afterwards! Thanks for the Bell Rotor Head design, it flies as stable as a Co-Axial Helicopter, but a bit more agile than that, we would say it's a model between Outdoor and Indoor entry model. So if you wish to go further in this hobby, the Bell Rotor Head Helis are the great choice before you go for the expensive outdoor big heli (Flybarless Rotor Head or Ordinary Single Rotor Head Heli).
What is Bell Rotor System?
The greatest feature on the Nine Eagles 220A is the 45 degree Stabilizer Bar, we call this design the "Bell Rotor System". It gives the Nine Eagles 220A totally new flying experience. Factory used weight blocks instead of paddles at the end of the stabilizer bar, this makes the Nine Eagles 220A fly "Much More" stable than ordinary rotor head design, as a trade off, it flies slower, but more stable. We tested the Nine Eagles 220A and we found that this new design makes the helicopter as stable as a Co-Axial model!
Nine Eagles Free Spirit 220A performs beautifully in every way. We call it "The bigger version of Align Trex 100", in terms of flight performance, the simple layout for easy repair and durability in a crash, it is a just a perfect beginner's helicopter! Thanks to the Bell Rotor Head Design, it performs very stable just like a Co-Axial helicopter, but a bit more challenging. It's best for people who has experience on Co-Axial Helis before, you should be no problem on controlling this heli. It you're a totally fresh player, we recommend you add a training kit to the landing skids, so it will not tip over when you're practicing.
The Nine Eagles comes with patented Rotor Blades with an aero foil designed for extra stability on lift. Also features flashing LED Navigation lights. With the unique Nine Eagles silk screen colour system your Night Eagle will always look NEW. No paints and no stickers means the colour never fades or peels.
Nine Eagles rc helicopters are famous of the stability and smoothless of flying. The 220A is not an exceptional, it's stability is off the scale. Everyone, yes, everyone can fly good, even for beginners. It is single blade design, but it flies like a co-axial helicopter. This model could be the intermediate helicopter between indoor and outdoor flight. The secret for the stability is the bell rotor structure.
How does the bell structure help?
The Bell Rotor System features a differently arranged Stabilizer Bar. Normal helicopters usually have stabilizer bar perpendicular to the Main Rotor Blade. You will find it different when flying the NE 220A. Weight blocks are used instead of paddles at the stabilizer tip. This makes the helicopter body much more stable than the ordinary rotor head set design. It flies a bit slower but more stable and can be compared to a Co-axial model. So it would be a good choice for those who are new to single rotor helicopters. But as a trade off, the helicopter flies slower, but more stable.
The Nine Eagles 220A uses 2.4GHz Radio System that it is almost ZERO interference from other controllers.


How to maintain the remote control of rc airplanes

Written by Administrator on 28th Mar, 2014.

In recent years, radio Radio Control devices have been widely used, especially in remote control aircraft, due to its relatively strong playability, so more and more people like to play with remote control airplanes, remote control is an important part of the operation to control the aircraft in use proper use and maintenance is necessary.
1. boot check : First, the remote antenna all the way out , turn on the power switch. Then connect the steering servo receiver power is turned on, the steering gear should be returned to the neutral position ; toggle joystick and spinner handle, corresponding rudder opportunity to make the appropriate action , the channel will not interfere with each other , indicating that the transmitter and receiver are working normal. If the rudder servo both sound evenly , smooth rotation, no card , coupled with the appropriate load rotational speed did not change significantly, the work can be initially concluded that the steering gear is normal .
2. pulled from experimental testing : When pulling away , the position of the receiver antenna and transmitter antenna must be fixed relative to each . Principle is to make the receiver can also work in the case of the input signal is weak , in order to be considered reliable . The specific method is the receiver antenna horizontally and pointing the transmitter , the transmitter corresponding to the receiver antenna pointing position . At this point the direction of the receiver antenna , the electromagnetic radiation directivity , the field strength is the weakest area.
Remote control to pull away when a new experiment , you should use a short antenna ( a ) , note its reference data maximum control distance , as when after a routine check . Antenna all the way out and then gradually increase the remote distance , until the jump rudder . Pull only one section of the antenna , should be 30 meters - 50 meters working properly. All antennas should be pulled out at about 500 meters work properly.
We called a working standard , is steering does not appear jitter. If the steering emerging jitter, should immediately turn off the receiver , then the distance from the ground just over effective control . General old-fashioned remote control does not allow short antenna when turned on, or will the high-frequency amplifier tubes burn. The remote control is now increased security devices do not have to have a burning pipe in fear. But just when the nickel-cadmium battery fully charged , do not turn immediately , because then the remote control airplane transmitter power supply voltage may exceed the ratings.
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How to maintain remote control plane

Written by Administrator on 15th Mar, 2014.

Blue sky for most people, especially curious children and young students who are still unattainable dream. The remote control aircraft of free flying is one of the most desirable toys. So HM is now a popular entertainment, some people also like to personally make their own models, watching the aircraft flying in the sky excitement surging mood really can not put into words.
For a lot of friends like remote control aircraft also has a small number of people, or lack of hands-on time, or are still not very clear about the model aircraft production process, only to buy the finished product model aircraft, this is what the vast majority of people choose. In today's society, working stress and learning pressure of all sorts of problems, give our time is not much, also contact with some friends, every day to myself time is few and far between, model aircraft has become aeromodelling all buy a kind of new commercial market, but people buy finished product model aircraft, the model aircraft structure and some basic common sense knows also opportunity seldom, at most also is the battery without electricity.
Where broken take to repair, the idea is the idea of the vast majority of people, for these knowledge in model aircraft production network has a lot of detailed methods, and some basic methods of making. There are also many solutions in maintenance, at the time of your model aircraft problems you can produce an station some content below to find the plane where the cause of the malfunction, change the configuration, or simply regulation.
On the rc aircraft maintenance and maintenance measures are for your beloved aeromodelling prolong life. Let the plane to achieve better effect, so if you what problem with one of the model aircraft in the air, you can think of this final fate will be, for it is very important, the key lies in the usual maintenance and maintenance, at the time of take-off, you can first fixed on the machine tool, first test flight for a period of time, to ensure that the engine and the parts without any adverse phenomenon, and at the time of flight check the wing and the fuselage, look have more serious damage.
If any, must be timely maintenance, in order to avoid model aircraft in the air appear what fault, lead to unnecessary losses. On the maintenance measures, mainly in the engine and parts inspection, can maintain a each week, with oil or grease, make the engine keep not rust, not dead. But not too much oil, so as to avoid slippage between the parts. This will greatly reduce the life of the remote control aircraft.
Many people think that remote control aircraft don't need maintenance, because in the process of the aircraft in flight will be damaged by various factors, also not oneself again how to maintain, thus there are a lot of people awareness of remote control aircraft maintenance is very weak, generally skilled person would think so, as long as the aircraft in flight without collision, actually is not completely right, more important still is the maintenance of the internal parts.
1. The high temperature must be cooled in the recharging in five points, this is the battery life of curing;
2. When not in use can disconnect the mouth is broken, so as not to let remaining that current shock parts, usually local short circuit on the plane;
3. Clean up every day on the fuselage appearance, will not lead to the fuselage mold and fade;
4. If it is found that the internal stuff must be clear in time, don't think that is a small sundry;
5. Frequent use can also make the parts that maintain life down, three times a day for charging flying more than an hour fly in charge.
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How long electric remote control aircraft can fly

Written by Administrator on 27th Feb, 2014.

rc helicopters can fly how high is a frequently asked question, different people have completely different answer them. Actually depends following aspects:
First, the remote control distance of the remote control. Remote control toy plane is usually from 10-30 meters in some of the remote control will be far more specialized, such as futaba and jr over their eight-channel remote control receiver with remote radius of 1.5 kilometers (safe distance).
Secondly, the safety distance of the aircraft. Toy planes generally within 20 meters, a professional helicopter can fly 500 General 300 meters high, 100 fixed-wing and can fly above 1000 meters high.
Third, the flight venue. This point is quite clear, if you fly in and fly indoor soccer field, even if the same flight, flying height is not the same.
Whether electric or fuel remote control aircraft in the air, continuous flight time relatively short , generally only fly for 6-15 minutes or so, it is because limited battery capacity and fuel volume , is a common problem for all remote control aircraft , so do not credulous some bad publicity merchants continuous flight 30 minutes or one hour a pack of lies to avoid being taken , the current technology , this is absolutely impossible. If you want to play longer, you can choose the model can replace the battery , a spare battery Cadogan on it.
RC helicopter flight altitude great relationship with model size , generally small remote control aircraft remote control distance of about 10 meters altitude above medium can exceed 30 meters. Some people attach great importance to the purchase of flight altitude and remote distance , but in actual control, is not recommended to fly too high , because the impact of uncontrolled flow easily altitudes , flying higher the farther away , the more difficult to control, the chance of damage the greater the blind pursuit of such data is not desirable.
For remote control helicopter and drop capabilities , some people have misconceptions , impact is not equal to wrestling is not bad , and then throw something anti- altitude fall and can not withstand strong impact, particularly for electronic components and plastic parts, any impacts are likely to will cause damage, so do not believe the seller says wrestling is not bad publicity. Of course, if used correctly , but remain at low altitude , the vast majority of genuine aircraft still very shatterproof , as remote control helicopter drop is normal, have been fully considered in the design of the popular brands of functionality.
In general, it can be estimated that the first test of its aircraft by hand can be remotely controlled from the ground, then this is the remote control plus three times the distance from the plane took off after it. After a friend of mine to ask if you encounter this problem, please consider these factors. Read more at .


How about of the remote control helicopter flight in winter

Written by Administrator on 20th Feb, 2014.

Winter is the worst season for model enthusiasts, if you are playing rc helicopter indoors is a good choice, but in the outside, the flight will be affected by A number of factors, the following is a few things to note.
When the weather is cold in winter, want a quick check of flight before, especially when the plane stopped in outdoor more attention should be paid to prevent frostbite.
In cold weather, fuel pollution, should pay special attention to. Moisture in fuel tank may be due to the low temperature solidification, when the plane stopped in outdoor so it is best to tank with fuel, and before the flight to release more fuel than usual, to ensure that no moisture.
Before starting the engine, with lever to turn main rotor first 4 ~ 5 times, confirmed the engine if the main rotor rotating parts and internal coagulation and live, if live or frozen solidification, start the engine, rotor is stuck, abnormal noise, rotor revolutions per minute, is still lower than usual, at this time should be suspended immediately start, try again after thawing.
Make sure the whole flight control system is normal, outside, especially to confirm the swash plate, hydraulic servo valve, the hinge and clevis is frozen.Vulnerable to a sharp change in the weather in winter, it is necessary to accurately grasp the weather before flight. For example, when encountered in the flying snow, rain, will has a great influence on the flight.If icing flight more attention should be paid to, it is best not to fly, fly until it is warm again.Look at the below of questions about the use of helicopters in the land of snow.
the air slide
Helicopter in hover for a powerful under the main rotor flow, so dangerous whiteout in snow cover area, therefore, before the ground need to improve a little the total distance (lift) blow fly helicopters around the snow.
Air glide speed to use effective transfer lift (due to the increase in speed, increased the amount of air flow into the main rotor after will increase the speed of the lift, generally at about 15 kt) content, to take off with the attitude of close to the vertical rise.
As a take-off operation, improving the power of total distance increases first, must not let the body forward before from the ground, completely take off with enough power began to rise. With began to rise, the increase in the number of snow blown fly, perhaps temporarily lose ground targets, but make sure flight azimuth and the body posture, once out of the snow smoke, don't come into the usual rise form.
Landing on snow, in order to avoid the body into the snow smoke, smoke before flying in snow.The basic operation, landing on snow first before starting approach to confirm the landing site of snow conditions, terrain, especially the presence of tilt and obstacles, it is very important.
If the selected location in advance (step hard snow) landing, grounding at low speed, the best but never allowed without increasing speed regulation of the snow ground.
The use of minimum power into the close, if approach on route no obstacle, recommend using smaller approach Angle of approach. If you need big approach Angle, should be on the site without ground effect (OGE) height before approach, then the best hover falling vertically. Drop rate for the state of the snow, that is, in a very loose snow landing, due to low descent rate, and snow blowing away, to confirm the ground targets while grounded.
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How to Repair a Remote Control Helicopter

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Real Remote Control helicopters receive attention from a fleet of technicians and engineers, but in the case of RC helicopters, the consumer piloting the craft via remote control assumes the burden of repairs. Although plenty of specialty services provide maintenance services, RC helicopter enthusiasts can save hundreds of dollars in repairs by gathering the parts they need on eBay and rolling up their sleeves.
Remove the screw from the battery compartment on the underbody of the helicopter with a Phillips jeweler's screwdriver. Remove the battery from the battery compartment. Detach the battery leads from the connection inside of the battery compartment. Place the battery aside for reassembly later.
Stand the RC helicopter on a table. Hold the helicopter pitch gauge horizontally so the side with the printed scale is facing left. Slide the blade out from the back of the pitch gauge bar about 2 inches. Place the end of the blade on the top of the RC helicopter's main rotor blades.Push up or down on the pitch gauge bracket at the middle to align it so that it is level with the horizontal "flybar" above the rotor blades.
Read the setting on the pitch gauge scale --the number will either be "positive" on the right side of zero or "negative" on the left side of the zero. Pull up or down on the "flybar" with your fingers. Realign the pitch gauge bracket so the number being pointed to is now zero. Remove the helicopter pitch gauge and put it away.
Reinsert the battery leads into the battery compartment. Reinsert the battery into the battery compartment. Place the battery compartment lid back on. Screw the screw in.
Bad Vibrations
More often than not, a tail that bobs up and down speaks to a malfunction in the head of the helicopter, while a tail that shakes left and right indicates a problem in the rear of the aircraft, often the tail itself.Diagnosing Frontal ProblemsFor problems coming from the front of the helicopter, balance the blades by tightening each one equally, then track the blades to double-check alignment. Crashed planes often exhibit bent rotor shafts. In addition to bending, shafts should remain stationary.
Diagnosing Rear Problems
Symptoms of a problem in the rear of a RC helicopter often come from the tail drive. Balance the tail rotors by tightening each one in equal amounts, and look for bends. Also, gyro sensitivity set too high can cause vibrations.Motor Failures Over the course of time, RC helicopter motors tend to burn out. Fix them by searching eBay for a replacement that matches the 'copter's specific motor.
Shoppers should take a couple precautions before finalizing a purchase. First, one size does not fit all RC helicopters, so make sure seller's part matches up with the buyer's make and model. Second, buyers should feel comfortable performing dangerous repairs such as installing sharp blades.Read more at


450 helicopter entry instructions

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Many beginner feel boring to play a small model aircraft ,450 helicopters wanted to start. but have to say, there is some difficulty in 450. Must pay attention to some things before flying.
First 450 formal practice of tail fly hovering about ten times, from practice practice, one inch from the ground began to slowly and slowly increased gradually to about one hundred cm high, hovering have more skilled to end. Three or four times before have been able to insist on an electric fly to the end, when the tail is only very reluctantly, the plane will be far away. Fly again today two pieces of battery, found that the operating handle has made great progress, the tail hover was more stable than usual, excited flew 450 also greatly improved my confidence! Here are some tips to share my flight, also be the key for some practice in 450.
1. The first training simulator, novice if really want to go to the 450, or recommended by the first introductory simulator is the best method. For newcomers, simulator is one of the most economic and practical flight training material, in the analog world besides Fried repeatedly not losing money, and the sense of flying really generally are not far. The first step, of course, you must first set simulator to fly off the feeling. Don't underestimate that this simulator couple but very important way to get started, is a big help for later flying really oh. First real machine on the computer operation to skilled then you will feel the difference is not big, so you must have the basic simulation after the foundation, to the real machine fly no imagination so difficult.
2.450 with 4 different
Many beginners mistakenly assume that match a high-end electronic equipment or something, 450 we will be able to very stable and very easy to fly, actually this is totally wrong idea, for a completely didn't fly over 450 novices, let alone the extension 450 sport more, even if give you a shanzhai, you also can not fly, even because of improper operation have the airline May 450 friends, this is because many just don't know its principle and state caused by flight. 450 is different from the 4 machine, the structure of the four general machine both in weight and design with 450 different greatly, so as long as it is adjustment perfect, vertical take-off is much easier, of course! In addition to the windy conditions.
3.450 take off left
450 compared to the four general completely are two different things. Compared with general machine 4, no matter how perfect the 450 adjustment, there will always be left take-off phenomenon, this is the "normal" elder people said. Here is what I want to emphasize the "departure left phenomenon", because many novice don't understand the reason of 450 will take off left, so the result is easy to occur seconds. The main reason is that novice to operating concept, handle and slow disease caused by. I personally don't agree with is perfectly straight machine, with the understanding of the principle of the flight itself limited and operating technology have a great deal of concern, many seconds blast are human consequences.
4. Not in the lawn to practice
It is important to note that don't use the lawn to practice. Two reasons: one, lawn will have unexpected objects around the practice frame causes the airline; Second, although the lawn has the effect of buffer, but relatively lawn is uneven, the ground effect is bigger, lead to practice hovering straight machine more difficult to stability, for the novice difficulty will increase. Recommend beginners to choose a smooth ground practice, such as indoor and outdoor badminton field, basketball court, and so on. As for why under the ground of the smooth practice will be mentioned.
5. Recommended practice
Practice is absolutely new necessities. Because exercise can let you reduce fry probability, but also let you save a lot of change the cost of the accessories. I use to has only just been broken vertical tail once, also not be strictly frying machine, that is to be a oncoming four or five dogs scared due to throttle back sharply, also good otherwise no direct damage. Before practice hovering on the slide foot four soft little aprons except to put on practice, the role of the four small aprons straight machine is to make the landing at the anchor point, hold the fuselage of the soft plastic. Temporarily to say it's not good for a novice, unless you the basic landing technology has reached the very solid and skilled level. As to why the smooth ground practice, now to the novice.Straight machine and practice is an inanimate object, only clever operator to influence it, rather than the pilot is affected by it, or how to call a remote control model? Now, the novice to understand the importance of practice frame?
These are some of my personal experience,hope everybody can have some help and speak these today.Continue to share some flying lessons next time.If you're looking for knowledge about the wide world of RC Helicopters then is the best place to start.